Disability Insurance Agent: Why You Should Use One


What is a Disability Insurance Agent?

Disability Insurance Agent

A Disability Insurance agent is an individual that specializes in the field of Disability Insurance. This type of insurance is also known as Disability Income Insurance, Income Insurance, and Paycheck Insurance. An agent can:

  • Be loyal to a single Disability Insurance company, OR
  • Can be an independent agent and not be loyal to any company

TIP: It’s highly recommended to use an independent agent. They can search for the best rates from various companies without having to stick to they specific company they work for. Finding a rate and policy that fits your budget and lifestyle is the best bet.

Why Bother with a Disability Insurance Agent?

Not only will an agent help you find the best insurance policy for a price that will fit your budget and lifestyle, they will also:

  • Be your guide throughout the Disability Insurance process
  • Help you fill out your application
  • Answer all of your questions

How We Can Help

Our Disability Insurance agent group is ready to help you and is at your service to find the best insurance policy. Our agents are experts in this field and know the ins and outs of this type of insurance.

We are able to scan the market and give you a range of prices and policies. After you pick an insurance policy, you will be able to customize it with different benefits and options to best suit you.

Our agents are available by phone and email to answer your questions about this type of insurance, the application process, and more!

Get Started Today

Getting started is very easy! Call us at (800) 788-8921 to speak to a Disability Insurance advisor or fill out our Contact Form so that we may reach out to you. We look forward to working with you and helping you protect your future!


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