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Most people hold a mistaken belief that their employers provide disability insurance protection. They may but protection is often limited and there are important exclusions and limitations few people think about — until it’s too late. René Apack, a disability insurance advisor who has 18 years of experience in the disability insurance industry. He’s here to help you understand the benefits and save you money.

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If you were to sit down with Rene today and he was to ask you, “If you were to lose your job tomorrow due to an accident or debilitating illness, would your family be able to maintain the same lifestyle they have today?” What would your answer be? Most people think that they are blessed that their employers gave them Disability Insurance, only thing; group and association plans are filled with huge gaps by exclusions and limitations. Rene, on the other hand, works with 18 companies helping individuals and families understand the best coverage in Disability Income, Life, and Long Term Care insurance in order to protect their families and lifestyle.

Short Term Disability Insurance

1 in 3 Americans will suffer a disability lasting 90 days or more during their working years. Short Term Disability Insurance can provide a means of income

Long Term Disability Insurance

Nearly 1 in 5 people living in the U.S. will suffer a disability that lasts more than a year before the age of 65. 1 in 7 people can expect to be disabled

Supplemental Disability Insurance

Supplemental Disability Insurance plugs the holes in your employer’s disability coverage. Unlike your employer’s coverage, benefits are not taxable, meanin

Living Assistance Disability Insurance

Living Assistance Disability Insurance helps cover the cost of home care in the event you need assistance while recovering from a major illness or injury…

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