Will They Drug Test Me In Order To Get Disability Insurance?


Why Do I Need a Blood and Urine Test to Buy Disability Insurance?

When we are interested in something new, we want to know all of the details. When it comes to Disability Insurance, many people want to know what needs to be done in order to be qualified to get this type of insurance. A very common question people ask is, “Will they drug test me in order to get Disability Insurance?” And the answer is YES.

Why Do I Need To Be Drug Tested?

The “drug test” portion is essentially a blood and urine test that you need to take for several reasons. Insurance companies want to know who they are going to insure and how healthy you are. They want to know what kind of illnesses/disease you have and if you are taking any kind of illegal drugs. They use this information to decide whether they want to take the risk and insure you with a disability insurance policy. In addition, this will be used to determine what your premiums will be.

Insurance Companies Want To Know…

  • If you have nicotine in your system
  • If you have Hepatitis
  • If you have HIV/AIDS
  • If you have Diabetes
  • Your cholesterol levels
  • If you are pregnant
  • What other illnesses/disorders you may have

But, I Don’t Want To Take A Drug Test

Taking a blood and urine sample is not something most people enjoy. But, it is a very important part of the Disability Insurance process. It is essential for insurance companies to know about your health. If you decide to not submit a blood and urine sample, you will NOT be considered for short-term or long-term disability insurance.

A Drug Test Can Offer You A Benefit

Although a drug test can be a big inconvenience, it can actually offer you a benefit. By submitting your blood and urine, you will be given a great amount of information about your own health. It can let you know if you have any conditions that you were not aware of such as pregnancy, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, or HIV, etc.

Whatever the tests reveals, it will give you some insight in to your body. This can allow you to work on your health by receiving treatment, eating healthier, and/or exercising.

Start Your Disability Insurance Process Today

Our experienced advisors can help you learn more about the blood and urine samples that are an important part of Disability Insurance. In addition, we can help you customize a policy for your lifestyle and budget. To be contacted by an advisor directly, fill out our Contact Form or call us at (800) 788-8921.


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