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Hello, my Friend,

I am here to offer my assistance to you for Free to help you and your family.

23 years of experience in personal insurance, I can access over 80 companies with policies and options as a general broker and I get compensated by all the insurance companies. So far, I have helped 803 beautiful people and I would like you to become my happy client 😊.

My specialty is in four areas of insurance:

  • Disability Income insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Home Care / Long-Term care insurance
  • Medicare Insurance

I provide clients with all the necessary information, including complete market analysis, to assist them in making the best decision for themselves and their families. No obligation to purchase!

No clients ever left me because they found a better policy elsewhere. I look forward to serving you and your family’s needs with the highest integrity.

In gratitude,
René Apack

Save Up to 70% on Disability Insurance

Rene Apack is truly the consummate long-term care insurance and disability insurance professional. His knowledge runs both deep and wide as does his commitment to educating all who seek to learn more without ever feeling any pressure. If you want someone of high intergity (and someone who is incredibly nice) Rene is the guy to connect with. -Jesse Slome

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