Disability Insurance for Construction Workers


As a construction worker, your job is a physical one. You put in long hours building and constructing projects. You may work with heavy duty equipment and a variety of tools. There may be many times where you are climbing a ladder and working as a team with other construction workers. But, the reality is that working as a construction worker can also be dangerous and unpredictable. Disability Insurance for construction workers can protect against lost funds from an injury.

Disability Insurance for Construction Workers

Disability Insurance is the ideal insurance for construction workers. Primarily, because of the tasks of this occupation have an increased risk for injury. This is why they need to be protected.

This type of insurance will protect a construction worker’s paycheck if he can not work due to an injury. This mean that if the worker can’t go to work and earn a paycheck, the insurance company will pay the worker money. This money will be given for a predetermined amount of time (determined at the purchase of the policy).

It’s important to keep in mind that this insurance will also protect a construction worker not only from work injuries, but also from injuries, falls, accidents, etc. outside of his work. The injury/disability does not have to happen at the place of employment.

The Benefits

The money that the construction worker will be given can be used for a variety of things:

  • Mortgage payment/rent
  • Groceries
  • Child Care
  • Utility Bills
  • Entertainment
  • Car Payment
  • Clothes
  • Etc.

Having this money and being able to pay your daily bills can allow you to focus on your healing and recovery in order to get back to work.

Important Points To Consider

  • Having the protection of Disability Insurance is something extra that you will need to pay every month. But, these type of insurance policies can be designed especially for you, your lifestyle, and your budget.
  • It is essential to consider what you would do if you ever became sick, injured, or disabled. How would you maintain your current standard of living and support your family?
  • It is free to apply; you don’t send in any money with your application.
  • It takes about a month to hear back from the insurance company about approval.
  • Working with an advisor is key. They can find you the right policy and guide you through the application process.

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