“I have had the personal and professional pleasure of knowing Rene for several years. Rene is a talented, personable person of high ethics. He is community minded and and very caring. He is always on top of his game and spends a huge amount of his time giving back and providing an extremely high level of service to his clients. Rene is a wealth of knowledge in the areas of Life,Long term care and disability income and speaks to both large and small groups providing solid information. It is a privilege and honor to recommend Rene.”

-Dr. Norman Roth, CEO at Sale Enhancers and CEO GROWTH

“Rene is a great insurance provider. He has a great understanding of the industry which translates into great service for you.”

-Desmond Clark, Financial Advisor I 401k Expert | NFL Alumni Chicago President I Public Speaker | Chicago Bears

“I consulted Rene for Disability Income insurance while I was an independent consultant. Rene is a wonderful person with excellent communication and integrity. I recommend Rene anyone considering Insurance.”

-Venu Alla, Sales Engineer IRM at ForgeRock

“I met Rene in 1981 and together worked on many business issues for years. The most enjoyable part of my relationship with Rene is his open minded nature. Rene has has the ability to listen extremely well and ask questions that pertain only to solutions. His personal integrity, and respect for other people and their views, is second to none. Rene’s ability to provide a solution or find common ground is inherent in his nature.

To me, it is a privilege to accomplish goals with Rene.”

-Michael Bellos, President at Teron Lighting, Inc. (TLI)

“I had the pleasure to work for Rene as client representative. Rene has a passion to provide life term care insurance. He provided a great work environment and flexible work schedule. His positive attitude and excellent customer service will be an asset for any organization.”

-Dana Meyers, Project Management, Project Portfolio Management, Process Improvement, Business Analyst, Metrics & Reporting

“Rene Apack is truly the consummate long-term care insurance and disability insurance professional. His knowledge runs both deep and wide as does his commitment to educating all who seek to learn more without ever feeling any pressure. If you want someone of high integrity (and someone who is incredibly nice) Rene is the guy to connect with.”

-Jesse Slome, Long term care insurance association director, Short term care insurance & Medicare Supplement Expert